Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: August 31

Clinical features of colon tumors can predict survival, acupressure bands reduce nausea during radiation therapy, and there was no connection between the amount of fish a person ate and risk for colorectal cancer.  Although blacks have an increased risk for colon and breast cancer, hospitals matter.  All patients — white or black — did worse in hospitals that treated a majority of black patients.

Surgical robots are being developed with a light touch that can tell the difference between normal and tumor tissue.

Research Reports

Other Headlines

  • Robots may have a lighter — and better — touch than surgeons.  Tumors usually feel stiffer than surrounding tissue, and in open surgeries, doctors put light pressure on organs to identify areas with potential cancer.  With minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery, they cannot feel tissue.  A new robotic system is being developed to replace the surgeon’s hand, systematically putting light pressure on organs to locate tumors.  The robots use less pressure and use it consistently.  Medical News Today on August 22 had an article about the Canadian CSTAR project that is developing the robots.

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