Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: June 25

fawcettFarrah Fawcett died on Thursday, June 25, 2009 of anal cancer that had spread to her liver.  She was 62.  Anal cancer is much more rare than either colon or rectal cancer, affecting about 5,300 Americans in 2009. 710 will die from it.

In other headlines, the Caterpillar company works with Peoria hospitals and doctors to ensure quality colonoscopy for their employees and a Swiss laboratory will be the first to offer a blood screening test for colorectal cancer.

In research, MRI colonography is useful for patients who can’t have a full colonoscopy before surgery, screening colonoscopies are increasing for Medicare enrollees, and scientists have found factors in tumors that make nerves more sensitive to pain.

Research Reports

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    There is not really much to say when faced with such grief. I can’t think of one friend of mine who hasn’t a relative that suffers from cancer. All I can do is support research the best I can. I am always glad to see when companies do the same by taking care of their employees. To those who are fighting this disease, I wish you lots of optimism!

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