Congress Will Welcome CRC Advocates with Blue on March 7

Four members of Congress want their colleagues to wear blue on March 7 to welcome Fight Colorectal Cancer advocates who will be on Capitol Hill that day.

In a Dear Colleagues letter, Charles Dent, Betty McCollum, Michael G. Fitzpatrick, and James P. McGovern asked other members to GO BLUE on March 7 to show their support for the advocates and draw national attention to colorectal cancer.

Their letter emphasized the importance of screening for prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer — the second leading cause of cancer death for men and women in the United States. They said that if everyone age 50 and over were screened for colorectal cancer, the death rate could drop by 50 percent.

The members wrote,

Together, we have the ability to reach thousands of Americans with the message that early detection of colorectal cancer saves lives. Please take a moment in March to help spread the word — give a floor speech, write an op-ed or put out a press release. And remember to “GO BLUE” on March 7.

Signatures of Members of Congress


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