Dr. Jimmie Holland on The Human Side of Cancer

Jimmie Holland Photo

Jimmie Holland MD

This week CR Magazine presents a series of five podcasts featuring interviews with Memorial Sloan Kettering psychiatrist Dr. Jimmie Holland.

Dr. Holland is a pioneer in treating the whole person with cancer, including meeting their social and emotional needs.  She has worked in the field of psycho-oncology since 1977, urging that cancer patients be assessed for distress at their very first oncology visit.

Each day a new episode will be available including:

  • The Shock of Diagnosis
  • Cancer Myths
  • Doctor and Patient Relationships
  • A Family Affair
  • Life After Cancer

Dr. Holland is the author of The Human Side of Cancer: Living with Hope, Coping with Uncertainty. You can read two chapters of the book on that site.

For more helpful hints from Dr. Holland, check out Holland’s Homilies.

Among her advice:

DON’T blame yourself for causing your cancer. There is no scientific proof linking specific personalities, emotional states or painful life events to the development of cancer. Even if you may have raised your cancer risk through smoking or some other habit, there is no benefit from blaming yourself or beating yourself up.

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