Dr. Richard Goldberg Takes New Post at Ohio State

Richard Goldberg, M.D., a specialist in colorectal cancer, is now physician-in-chief at the Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center and James Cancer Hospital.

In his new position, Dr. Goldberg will help lead the transition to the new twenty story James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, which will expand services to cancer patients and integrate cancer research and clinical care.

Dr. Goldberg will lead a staff of over 100 medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, all part of multidisciplinary teams to plan and provide comprehensive care to people with cancer.

He also plans to increase the number of clinical trials available at the Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center and the number of patients participating in trials.

Speaking about his new position, Dr. Goldberg said,

Cancer is a complicated disease. It requires minds from a broad spectrum of disciplines focusing their expertise and perspective on one particular form of the disease. It also requires clinicians and researchers, working together in an environment that fosters delivering the right treatment at the right time to provide the very best outcome for each patient. Ohio State is such a place. Drawing on the expertise across disciplines and throughout one of the nation’s largest public universities, Ohio State is uniquely positioned to lead the fight for a cancer-free world, and I’m excited to be a part of an amazing tradition, and an even more promising future.

Dr. Goldberg will begin seeing gastrointestinal patients at the James in the coming month.

Richard Goldberg is a member of the Fight Colorectal Cancer Medical Advisory Board.


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