Eartha Kitt Dies

Eartha Kitt at the Cafe Carlyle  Photo from NY Times

Eartha Kitt at the Cafe Carlyle (Photo from the NY Times)

Eartha Kitt died on December 25, 2008 of colon cancer.  She was 81.

Her cancer was diagnosed and treated two years ago.  After a period of remission, it recurred leading to her death today.

A family friend told Reuters News that she had come back strongly after her illness and had been performing up to two months ago.  In September of 2007, she was featured at the newly renovated Cafe Carlyle in New York.

Her cancer was discovered when a visit to the doctor for carpal tunnel syndrome revealed anemia.  After surgery in April 2006, she advised everyone to get a colonoscopy.

Her most famous hit, Santa Baby, was a Christmas standard and recently went gold. She received the gold record before she died.

Over a long career on stage, in the movies, and on television, Kitt received two Emmys and a Grammy.  She was also nominated for two Tonys.  She was best known on television for her portrayal of Catwoman in the 1960’s Batman series.


  1. Gary Fickenworth says

    She will be Missed by all us devoted fan’s of Music
    And the part she played in advancing music to what it is today.

    As a 14 going on 15 year colorectal cancer Survivor I feel for her loss as for a couple of dear Freinds’s that have passed due to Cancer.

  2. Abigail Adams Wallace says

    Such a beautiful and talented lady. As a fellow South Carolinian myself and cancer survivor in remission from stage III colon cancer (Jan. 2007). It is my hope the fight for continued research and pervention will be steadfast. I know I plan to do my part to raise the bar to support the battle against cancer.

  3. says

    Eartha Kitt’s passing is very sad –she was a talented and compassionate woman. I do have a concern regarding her care. She was discovered to be anemic which ultimately led to her colon cancer diagnosis. Was she screened on a regular basis? I would hope a woman in her 70s would have had some type of screening. We will never know all the details. I would be stunned to learn that she was not screened and her colon cancer death could have been preventable.

    Shockingly, I speak to people in their 50s, 60s and 70s, who have never been screened or had minimal screening (e.g., FOBT). All of these people have health insurance. After my colon cancer diagnosis, my mother had first colonoscopy. She was in her 70s and this was her first colonoscopy! This lack of screening is inexcusable. We have our work cut out for us!

    Edward Leigh, MA
    Stage III Colon Cancer Survivor

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