Entire Setton 2008 Pistachio Crop Recalled

After a joint inspection by the Food and Drug Administration and the California Department of Public Health found evidence of Salmonella contamination in critical areas of the Setton  processing facility, Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella has recalled all pistachios from the 2008 crop. The recall includes those nuts roasted in the shell, shelled roasted nuts, and raw shelled nuts.

FDA is advising consumers not to eat pistachios or food products containing them (such as pistachio bakery goods and pistachio ice cream) unless they can determine that the products do not contain pistachios from Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc., (“Setton”).

FDA is maintaining a searchable list of recalled products that contain Setton nuts. The CAL-PURE co-op of California pistachio growers  and the Western Pistachio Association list brands that do not contain Setton pistachios.

Cancer patients, especially those on chemotherapy, may have reduced immune systems that make them particularly vulnerable to Salmonella infection.

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