Get Screened South Dakota!

The South Dakota colorectal cancer screening program has gone statewide!

GetScreenedSD has expanded from six pilot clinics to more than 200 clinics across the state of South Dakota.

People age 50 and over are encouraged to be screened for this preventable cancer, either with a take-home test or a colonoscopy. Financial help is available for those who cannot afford it.

Go to the South Dakota Department of Health to find a testing site near you.

Norma Schmidt, Cancer Program Director for the Department of Health, said in an announcement of the expansion,

Colorectal cancer is preventable and treatable when it’s found early with the appropriate screening. We’re very pleased to have so many providers working with us to make this lifesaving screening available statewide.


  1. Kate Murphy says


    Colorectal cancer can be prevented with screening that finds polyps and takes them out before they ever have a chance to become cancer.

  2. Larry P Ebbert says

    I saw your ad on TV, and I certainly support screening, specifically by colonoscopy. This can find a cancer early, but I think the importance really is that colonoscopy can detect pre-cancerous polyps that can be removed, thereby preventing cancer. Preventing cancer is certainly better than treating cancer.

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