Happy New Year

Another year, full of hope and promises.

Won’t you help make our dream of a world free from colorectal cancer come true in 2012.

  • Raise awareness that screening prevents colorectal cancer. Make sure you, your family, and your friends are screened for colorectal cancer as soon you reach 50 — earlier if you are at higher risk.
  • Tell your friends living with colon or rectal cancer that they can call the Answer Line with their questions and concerns.
  • Join us for supportive discussions in the Fight Colorectal Support Community and let others know they’ll find help there.
  • Come to Call on Congress and make sure that programs and funding for colorectal cancer prevention and research are strong and growing.
  • Finally, do one last, very important thing in 2011 — Make a gift to Fight Colorectal Cancer and ensure that our programs and research grants continue in 2012 and until we end suffering and death from colon and rectal cancer.

Have a great New Year — and get behind the cure.


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