Help with Housecleaning

Woman facing cleaning the kitchenNeed some help with keeping the house clean during cancer treatment?

Sometimes trying to clean the kitchen or vacuum the living room is just too darn much . . . especially during chemo or after surgery.  Things get cluttered and grimy, and you get exhausted and discouraged.

There are organizations that can help.

  • Cleaning for Cancer has partner cleaning companies across the United States who will provide a monthly cleaning for three months for people being treated for cancer.  They are a non-profit organization located in Boca Raton, Florida.  You’ll need to apply here, and if you are accepted, get your doctor to fill in a form that says you are being treated for cancer.  No information about tumor type, stage, or prognosis is required.  Cleaning services who partner with Cleaning for Cancer donate all services, along with cleaning supplies.
  • Cleaning for a Reason works with maid services in locations throughout the US. If you can’t find a maid service currently working with Cleaning for a Reason in your area, let them know.  They sign up new services every day.
  • CancerLink is a smaller organization, providing monthly housecleaning for cancer patients in several New Jersey counties.  They will provide a monthly cleaning service for up to one year for cancer patients while they are in treatment.  CancerLink specializes in non-toxic cleaning products and keeps supplies for each patient visit separate and newly clean.  You need to be referred to CancerLink by one of the hospitals, cancer centers, or cancer organizations they work with.

Thanks to Robyn at CancerHawk for information about housecleaning helpers for people with cancer.  You might want to visit her blog for more practical resources for living with cancer.

If you can’t find housecleaning help from one of the resources listed, don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend or neighbor or church.  You’ll find folks happy to help and even happier when you give them a specific job to do.





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