How to Get Imported Leucovorin

ASCO in Action has updated information on the best way to obtain imported leucovorin in solution.

Teva Pharmaceuticals customer service provided them with detailed instructions to help hospitals, pharmacies, and oncology practices obtain imported calcium folinate solution.

Teva has FDA approval to import calcium folinate solution which is the same strength as the powdered leucovorin approved for sale in the United States once water is added.

Please be clear that individual patients cannot obtain the drug themselves.  It must be requested by pharmacists or physicians, and the requests must be approved by Teva.

According to ASCO in Action’s website,

  • The purchaser (pharmacy, institution, practice) e-mails Teva with their request (
  • Request should include name and contact information of purchaser, NDC # of product(s) desired, quantity desired, and a justification for the request (i.e. why it is needed for therapy; however, no patient identifying information is required)
  • Request undergoes an approval process at Teva
  • If request is approved, purchaser is notified via e-mail
  • Purchaser sends approval e-mail to wholesaler, and wholesaler places drop shipment order
  • Drug should ship next-day air after order received/processed

For further information on the importation program, you may contact Teva Customer Service at 800-545-8800.

If you are a patient and can’t get leucovorin for your chemotherapy, you may want to provide this information to your doctor.

Teva has the only calcium folinate approved for importation by the FDA.  It is made in a plant in Hungary that follows FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and is imported through the Teva affiliate in the United Kingdom.

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