Judi Sohn in the Cloud

judiC3 Vice President for Operations, Judi Sohn, explains how cloud computing has helped C3 grow successfully over a short time in a new video included in the Convio e-newsletter going to thousands of people.

She also manages to let those many readers know about C3’s mission and work, as she explains how keeping our heads in the online clouds has saved money while drawing together staff and volunteers from across the country to win the fight against colorectal cancer.

Without a lot of hardware or in-house information technology staff, C3 manages its website, communications, patient and donor data, and documents with software and storage located almost entirely in cyberspace.  Staff can link securely into a database from the C3 office in Alexandria, their own homes, or offices on the east and west coast.

Sohn, herself, telecommutes from an office in New Jersey, managing C3 operations on a daily basis via computer connections.

Since C3’s beginnings, Judi Sohn has been key to its growth.  A trained graphics designer, she oversaw the initial development of a corporate image and built effective ways of communicating among staff, volunteers, and supporters.

Recently, she has become a sought-out speaker at large conferences focused on how web-based information technology can help non-profits grow and flourish.

Hear her in action on the Convio video.

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