King Nut Peanut Butter Recalled Because of Salmonella

The Food and Drug Administration and the King Nut Companies have announced a recall of King Nut Peanut Butter after Salmonella was found in an open five pound tub of peanut butter.  King Nut is also recalling Parnell’s Pride peanut butter, which is manufactured by the same company that makes King Nut.

King Nut Companies distribute both the King Nut and Parnell’s Pride brands of  peanut butter for institutional use.  However, they are both manufactured by the Peanut Corporation of America.  Parnell’s Pride is also distributed by other companies.

King Nut does not sell peanut butter directly to consumers, but distributes it to food service accounts only.  None of the other King Nut products are affected by the recall.

Martin Kanin, President and CEO of King Nut Companies said,

We are very sorry this happened. We are taking immediate and voluntary action because the health and safety of those who use our products is always our highest priority.

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