Leucovorin Shortage Update

The Food and Drug Administration has updated information on the ongoing leucovorin shortage as of 3/23/09.

Both Bedford Laboratories and Teva Pharmaceuticals are reporting manufacturing delays for leucovorin.  Spectrum Pharmaceuticals has limited supplies of Fusilev® (levoleucovorin) which is a different formulation.  Fusilev dosages are not equal to leucovorin doses and need to be used with care.

Bedford Laboratories provides the following information about what is currently available and when new lots can be shipped:

  • Leucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder 200mg  is available for allocation; additional lots will be available in late-May.
  • Leucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder 350mg  is available for allocation; additional lots will be available in late-March.
  • Leucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder 100mg  AND Leucovorin Calcium solution for Injection 500mg/50mL will be available in Mid-April.
  • Leucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder 50mg will be available in Late-May.
  • Novaplus availability will follow the same schedule as noted above.

Teva Pharmaceuticals reports:

  • Teva has 350 mg vials available. 100 mg vials are anticipated to be released in April 2009.

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturers of Fusilev® (levoleucovorin) have not updated their 11/20/08 information :

  • Limited supplies continue to be available.

You can call the companies for more information:

  • Bedford Laboratories — 440-232-3320
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals — 1-800-545-8800
  • Spectrum Pharmaceuticals — 1-877-387-4538

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