Liver Symposium Brings Survivors and Health Pros Together

The Liver Symposium will bring together patients and health care providers at the Palmer House in Chicago on May 15 and 16 in a unique collaboration of contining medical education and cancer survivor input to share the latest information about managing liver tumors.

Sponsored by YES, a grassroots organization of liver tumor survivors dedicated to helping patients learn their options, the Symposium will provide both supportive survivor-led sessions and presentations from medical experts.

Jim Belushi and the Sacred Hearts will perform at a special welcome dinner for survivors on Thursday evening at 7:30.

Scholarship help is available for survivors and patients to attend.  Contact Suzanne Lindley for more information or call Darlene Baum at Wake Radiology: (919) 854-2189. 

  • The Liver Symposium
  • Palmer House, Chicago IL
  • May 15-16 2009
  • Survivor Welcome Dinner May 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Friday’s sessions will help patients with liver tumors learn to be their own best advocates, find support, locate cutting-edge treatment options, and deal with insurance issues.  Survivors will share their stories.  Dinner will feature motivational speaker and colon cancer survivor Edward Leigh.

On Saturday, experts in treating liver tumor will provide information about treating primary liver cancer and cancer that has spread to the liver from colorectal, breast, eye, or neuroendocrine cancers.

Suzanne Lindley

The Liver Symposium is sponsored in collaboration with Wake Oncology. More information is available from YES founder and colon cancer survivor Suzanne Lindley.

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