Make a Video to Encourage Screening

Do you have a secret yen to be a moviemaker?  Star in your own video?  Help people learn that screening saves lives?

End Colon Cancer Now. Org at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is looking for a short creative videos to spread the colorectal cancer screening message.  The top video in the Get Screened Contest will win $2,500.

Contestants can use any media — film, digital, webcam, or even cell phones — as long as the 30 or 60 second message can be uploaded to YouTube.   Videos need to incorporate one or more of the following messages:

  • Getting screened for colon cancer can save your life
  • The risk of colon cancer increases around age 50
  • Ask your doctor about the importance of colon cancer screening
  • Encourage anyone you know around age 50 to get screened for colon cancer

Complete information and directions for producing and submitting your video are available on the Get Screened Video Contest page.

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