Nancy Roach: Champion of Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Nancy Roach with PCC AwardNancy Roach has been named the  2011 Champion of Colorectal Cancer Prevention by Preventing Colorectal Cancer (PCC).

Founder of Fight Colorectal Cancer and chair of its board of directors, Roach has been actively involved with colorectal cancer advocacy since 1996 when her mother-in-law was diagnosed with rectal cancer. She is also one of the founders of the Colon Cancer Alliance.

In addition to her work with Fight Colorectal Cancer, Nancy is widely known and respected in the cancer research community.  Among many active commitments, she is an advocate in initiatives to improve cancer clinical trials and represents the voice of patients on the National Cancer Institute Gastrointestinal Steering Committee. 

Dr. Steven J. Morris, MD, FACP, PCC board chair and president of the Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates, said

On behalf of PCC, we are extremely pleased to honor such a dedicated member of the preventing colorectal cancer community. Through her work with the gastrointestinal research community,government agencies, elected officials and corporations, Ms. Roach is constantly pushing on behalf of people touched by colorectal cancer. She exemplifies the true commitment that is vital to sustaining our mission of increasing the colon cancer screening rate among the general public.

This is the first year of the annual award designed by Preventing Colorectal Cancer to honor “individuals, groups and companies that provide either exceptionally high standards of care or who most effectively advocate for the prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer.”

We at Fight Colorectal Cancer are very happy to see Nancy get recognition for her hard work.  We know how hard she pushes every day for an end to suffering from colorectal cancer.  It is impossible to say no to her — and we are sure that someday colorectal cancer too will give in to her tireless determination.

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