New NCI Designated Cancer Center at University of Maryland

The Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center at the University of Maryland is the newest National Cancer Institute Designated Cancer Center.  NCI has named just 64 centers across the United States as NCI Cancer Centers in recognition of their research excellence and outstanding patient care.

The Greenebaum Cancer Center, located in Baltimore has a special concern for the needs of minorities and the underserved.

Dr. Kevin J. Cullin, Greenebau Center Director, said,

African-Americans represent more than 40 percent of our patients, and nearly half of them take part in clinical trials. Nationally, less than 2 percent of African-American cancer patients participate in clinical trials.

African-Americans, here and elsewhere, have a much higher death rate from cancer than white patients with the same disease, and we need to look at the underlying reasons. Their participation in clinical trials provides us with valuable information to better understand cancer in this community and to develop effective treatments. Our commitment to addressing health disparities among minorities sets us apart from many other cancer centers.

There is a strong focus on multidisciplinary team care at the Greenebaum Cancer Center, similar to care offered other NCI-designated centers.

You can find an NCI-designated Cancer Center in a state near you.

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