Out of Pocket Costs Limiting Cancer Patient Treatment Choices

Twelve percent of people with advanced colorectal cancer spent more than $25,000 of their own money for cancer treatment, according to a new survey done by Thomson Reuters.

The study also found that one in eight late-stage cancer patients had turned down recommended treatment because of costs.  Among patients with incomes less than $40,000 a year, one in four didn’t go ahead with care due to its expense.

Sixty-five percent of patients said that cost of care caused them distress.  That percentage jumped to 77 for patients with lower incomes.

Bill Marder, PhD, who manages the healthcare business for Thomson Reuters, said,

The physical and emotional burden of illness is not the only challenge cancer patients face. Many also struggle to cope with medical costs. This survey shows that the cost of cancer treatment is affecting patients’ ability to get the care they need.

USA Today has an article written by Liz Szabo on the Thomson Reuters report The Cost of Cancer.

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