Resolve to Prevent Colorectal Cancer in 2012

January 1 calendar pageMaking those New Year’s Resolutions?

You can do a lot to prevent colon and rectal cancer this year . . . and in the future.

Number One Resolution — Be screened for colorectal cancer if you are 50 or over, earlier if you are at higher risk.

In addition you can reduce your  colorectal cancer risk by:

  • Exercising regularly.
  • Keeping your weight normal.
  • Eating less red meat, no processed meat at all, and mostly plant-based foods.
  • Increasing the amount of fiber in your food.

Start on Monday, January 2, and review your progress toward better diet and exercise every Monday all year.  Research from leading public health schools for The Monday Campaigns shows that most people view Monday as a day for fresh starts.  They were most likely to begin exercising, start a diet, or stop smoking on Monday.

For the latest evidence on food, nutrition, and physical activity and their influence on colorectal cancer, read the World Cancer Research Fund’s Continuous Update Project focus on colorectal cancer.

Happy, healthy New Year!

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