VA Colonoscopy Infection Update: Tennessee Patients Have Hepatitis

Just reported by the Associated Press:  The Veterans Administration has confirmed 10 cases of liver infections among patients who had colonoscopies at the Murfreesboro, TN campus of the Veterans Administration Healthcare System.

VA spokeswoman Katie Roberts said Friday that four Tennessee patients have tested positive for hepatitis B. Six have tested positive for hepatitis C, a potentially life-threatening form of the viral infection that can cause permanent liver damage.

The Veterans Administration says that patients will get care for hepatitis even though it is not known whether the infections came from the colonoscopies or the VA facilities.

Previously 6,000 patients in the Tennessee Valley VA Healthcare System were warned that they might be at risk for hepatitis B or C or HIV infection because of improperly cleaned colonoscopy equipment.


  1. Kate Murphy says

    An additional Veterans Administration patient in Miami has been diagnosed with HIV according to an Associated Press report.

    In addition, another seven have tested positive for hepatitis, bringing the total to 33 in the three VA facilities where patients undergoing colonoscopy were potentially exposed to HIV or hepatitis through improperly cleaned colonoscopy equipment.

  2. Michelle Brown says

    Where is the regulatory oversight for medical procedures conducted at the VA? Americans should be as outraged as the families of all veterans who stand by and watch their loved ones obtain the poorest of medical care from our government. This is not the way to thanks a Vet, or any individual who have volunteered to risk their lives for our freedom.

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