Wanted: Colorectal Cancer Survivors Finished with Treatment

If you have completed your colorectal cancer treatment within the past two years, researchers at the University of Texas need your help.

Led by Nynikka Palmer, a doctoral student at the University of Texas School of Public Health, a study will explore the goals and plans colorectal cancer survivors have for their health after their treatment is over.

Learn more about the survey or sign up.

In order to participate, colorectal cancer survivors must:

  • be a colorectal cancer survivor (includes colon, rectal and anal cancers),
  • have completed cancer treatment within the past two years (0-24 months since last treatment),
  • be currently disease-free, and
  • have been 18 years or older when diagnosed with colorectal cancer

Study Background

There is limited cancer survivorship research exploring colorectal cancer patients who have successfully completed cancer treatment. The end of cancer treatment is an opportunity to help cancer patients resolve post-treatment issues and make healthy lifestyle changes. However, we do not know what is important to colorectal cancer survivors once they finish treatment. We want to know the goals you have for your health, so that we can develop new programs and provide resources to help colorectal cancer survivors move forward after treatment.

This is a one-time survey.  You can stop it at any time you wish.

You should read and consider the online informed consent before agreeing to take part.

The research has been reviewed and approved by the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

NOTE:  C3 is not conducting this study.  If you have questions about it or whether you might be eligible contact Nynikka Palmer, at 713-500-9789, or by email at Nynikka.Palmer@uth.tmc.edu.

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