Working Women with Cancer Can Be Beautiful

Beauty of Caring Event Information

Are you a woman with cancer who wants to work but you worry that your resume needs to be tuned up or your makeup fine-tuned?

Spend an evening with Cancer and Careers starting at 6 pm on July 14th at the W Hotel in Washington and get

  • Resume makeovers, interview tips and career coaching from Cancer and Careers
  • Self-instruction on facial massage and makeup application techniques with Shiseido beauty experts
  • Relaxation and wellness tips from SELF Magazine


  • July 14, 2010
  • 6:00 pm


  • W Hotel
  • 515 15th Street NW
  • Washington, DC 20004


There will be refreshments and valet parking is free.

Cancer and Careers provides information and coaching for working women with cancer and their employers, family members, and co-workers about balancing cancer and work.

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