World Cancer Day!

World Cancer Day Pin

Today, February 4, 2011 is World Cancer Day.

As many cancers come into control in developed countries with fewer cases and deaths, cancer is ballooning in the rest of the world.

Smoking, changing diets, and increased lifespans are putting more world neighbors at risk for cancer.

This year there will be

  • 12.7 million people diagnosed with cancer
  • 7.6 million deaths from cancer

If steps aren’t taken to improve prevention, early detection, and treatment there will be 26 million new cases of cancer and 17 million deaths by 2030.

To reduce worldwide cancer cases and deaths in the future, the World Cancer Declaration calls for:

  • effective cancer control programs
  • reduced risk factors such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption and obestity
  • universal vaccination programs
  • a better informed public
  • improved diagnosis methods
  • universally available pain control
  • improved training for medical staff
  • better survival rates for cancer patients

To reach those targets, the Declaration will work to:

  • place cancer on the political agenda
  • improve cancer prevention and early detection
  • enhance access to and treatment for cancer patients

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