Wyoming Asks: Pledge to Screen for Colorectal Cancer

wyomingprogramMen and women in Wyoming are encouraged to take the 2009 Pledge to Screen for Colorectal Cancer. People who complete the pledge receive information and a blue “buddy bracelet” to remind them to be screened.

Residents of Wyoming who are uninsured or whose insurance doesn’t cover colonoscopy screening may be eligible for the Wyoming Colorectal Cancer Early Detection Program (WCCEDP). Eligible residents have lived in Wyoming at least one year, have incomes below 250 percent of poverty, and are over 50. People under 50 can also participate if they have special family or personal health histories.

The people who take the 2009 Pledge promise to:

  1. Get a colonoscopy if you are over 50.
  2. If you are under 50, but have a family history of colorectal cancer, talk with your provider about early screening.
  3. Eat healthy and exercise regularly.
  4. Think positive thoughts!

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