Your Mother’s Day Gift Can Save Lives

This year 24,680 women — many of them mothers or grandmothers — will die from colon or rectal cancer. Another 71,380 will learn that they are in for the fight of their lives.

These frightening numbers are from the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts and Figures: 2009.

Help us save their lives and the lives of many more mothers with a gift to C3 on Mother’s Day.

Maybe you’ve always struggled to find the perfect present for your mom. This year remember her many gifts to you by helping C3 strengthen colorectal cancer research and advocacy. What could be a better gift?

Your donation may honor your mother or the mother of your children or the woman fighting cancer who is your best friend.  Tell us her name and address, and we’ll let her know that you thought about her on Mother’s Day.

You can also make a gift in memory of your mother. We at C3 are sorry for your loss and grieve with you on a difficult day.

Your generosity will help prevent, treat, and finally beat this terrible cancer killer.

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