Jan 2012 Webinar: You’re Not Losing It . . . You Have Cancer.


Dr. Jimmie-Holland
Join Dr. Jimmie Holland as she addresses the overwhelming feelings of fear or sadness over your cancer diagnosis. Modern cancer care is about treating the whole patient – not just the tumors. Because of this, you may have noticed your doctor taking an increased interest in your emotional well-being.

This change in practice has come about thanks to the hard work and dedication of Dr. Jimmie Holland, a pioneer in mental health and the person who coined the phrase “psycho-oncology.”

Dr. Holland is author of the best-selling book The Human Side of Cancer. She is renowned for delving into the emotions of cancer patients and their loved ones from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and its aftermath.

Fight Colorectal Cancer’s January webinar was a conversation with Dr. Holland. Among the topics we discussed:
• Coping with the shock of diagnosis
• Practical ways to manage your distress
• The “tyranny of positive thinking”

To follow Dr. Holland please visit her organization at http://apos-society.org/ or use the organization’s Help Line at 866-276-7443.