kc-curbside-glass-300x158On a daily basis, we have advocates team up with us to spread awareness and advocate in the fight against colorectal cancer, a preventable disease that takes an estimated 50,000 lives annually. The selflessness and dedication shown by these advocates is astonishing. On their own watch and time, they go to the Hill and talk to legislation in hopes to help change policy, set up and host fundraisers, and then get on social media to share their hunger for ending the battle against colorectal cancer.

Recently, a company out of Kansas City, Mo., KC Curbside Glass, started selling T-shirts to help bring awareness on behalf of their friend, Patsy, and her current battle against colon cancer. KC Curbside Glass selflessly donates $6 from each shirt sold to Fight Colorectal Cancer to use towards advocacy, awareness and research efforts.


kc-curbside-glass-PatsyPatsy began wearing the shirt sold by KC Curbside Glass to her treatments, deeming it her “treatment shirt” and posting pictures of her wearing the shirt on social media. Later, a Facebook “friend,” Emily, who was having digestive and intestinal problems, saw pictures of Patsy in this shirt on KC Curbside Glass’s Facebook page. Seeing Patsy, and reading her story, encouraged Emily to further investigate her health issues so she called her doctor and went in for a colonoscopy.

A large tumor was discovered during Emily’s colonoscopy. Thankfully, the tumor wasn’t cancerous; however, her doctor told her that if she hadn’t gotten a colonoscopy, she wouldn’t have lived past 50 years old. By bringing awareness and sharing it through social media KC Curbside Glass potentially saved Emily’s life.

KC Curbside Glass:  thank you for bringing awareness and helping us fund the fight against colorectal cancer. We encourage all of our supporters to take that extra step and help spread our message. You can not only help fund the fight and allow us to improve our advocacy, awareness and research, but you can SAVE A LIFE!


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