Monthly Patient Webinars

monthly patient webinars

Our monthly patient webinars are packed with trustworthy information about pressing topics within the colorectal cancer community. Each webinar is hosted by a distinguished member of the medical community, often an individual that serves on our Medical Advisory Board.

Webinars are designed to provide in-depth information about a range of topics that colorectal cancer patients and their families face. Our webinars are platform friendly and hosted online via industry leader Citrix GoToWebinar. Upon registration you’ll receive information about how to download the needed software; mobile apps are available for those on the go.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our webinars, please contact our Answer Line.

Upcoming Webinar:

Family First
What you need to know about genetic testing, family history & colorectal cancer

Have you and your family discussed your family’s medical history? Did you know that 10-15% of all cancers are familial, and 3% of all colorectal cancers are due to a syndrome called Lynch Syndrome? Having Lynch Syndrome puts you at an 80% increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. Tune into this webinar to learn more about Lynch Syndrome and other inherited syndromes as they relate to colorectal cancer.

Presented by:

Heather Hampel, MS, CGC
Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Heather-Hampel-FightCRC-MABMs. Hampel has been a cancer genetic counselor since 1995 and is a faculty member in the Division of Human Genetics. Her clinical duties include providing comprehensive cancer genetic consultations to individuals and families with a history of cancer. Cancer Genetic consultation requires tremendous documentation of cancers in the family, risk assessment, screening recommendations, and incorporation of genetic testing as necessary. Over 400 individuals/families are seen each year in the Clinical Cancer Genetics clinic. Ms. Hampel’s research interests include screening all colorectal and endometrial cancer patients for Lynch syndrome, the American Founder Mutation (exon 1-6 deletion in MSH2) as a cause of Lynch syndrome, and the etiology of MSI-negative familial colorectal cancers. Ms. Hampel is currently serving a 5 year term on the American Board of Genetic Counselors (ABGC) and has been elected to serve as the President of ABGC for 2009.

The content of this webinar was medically-reviewed. All content was written, produced and edited by Fight Colorectal Cancer.


This webinar is made possible thanks to the generous support of Myriad Laboratories.


Cost: FREE

Date: Wed. May 21, 2014

TIME: 3-4:30pm ET / 2-3:30pm CT / 1-2:30pm MT/ 12-1:30pm PT

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April 2014 Webinar:

The information and follow-ups from our popular webinar on biomarker testing (amgen-logoKRAS, BRAF, NRAS) can be found on the blog post recap. Watch our latest video on KRAS testing.

Thanks to Amgen Oncology for sponsoring this webinar!



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