Linking Policy

Fight Colorectal Cancer provides links to other organizations and websites that can provide help to people affected by colon and rectal cancer. However, we try to be careful that the information and services offered by other sites will help and not hurt. We ask ourselves the following questions when we decide to make a link:

Who is providing the information or service? 

  • The link’s sponsor must be clearly identified on the site with a name, address and a method to contact directly.
  • Clear information about sources of organizational funding and funding for the site must be available, either provided on the site or visitors are told where to find it.
  • Local chapters of national organizations are not listed individually, but a link is made to a list of local chapters and services via the national organization.

Is information accurate, evidence-based and up-to-date?

  • Medical information must be reviewed by appropriate health professionals.
  • There should be a date on each page showing when the information was reviewed and updated.
  • Ideally, the site will carry the HON code.
  • If off-label or non-standard therapies are promoted on the site, there is clinical trial evidence for their use in colon or rectal cancer and that evidence is supported with references.

Are site visitors protected from unnecessary intrusion?

  • There is a posted privacy policy.
  • Visitor information is not collected without permission, nor are mailing lists shared.
  • Ordinarily Fight Colorectal Cancer does not link to sites that carry advertising.
  • If material on the site comes from somewhere else, the source is acknowledged.

Are support and informational programs overseen by health professionals?

  • If the site provides referrals to peer support — “buddies” — people providing that support must have received training before being assigned and receive supervision as they interact with other patients or caregivers.
  • Online chat support must be monitored.