Lisa Fund Grant: Now Accepting Applications

SupportResearchPostdoctoral or clinical research fellows planning to do translational or clinical research that focuses on novel THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES for late-stage metastatic colorectal cancer may now apply for The Fight Colorectal Cancer-AACR research grant. This grant is distributed through Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Lisa Fund.

Our Lisa Fund was designed by Lisa Dubow, a late-stage colorectal cancer survivor who credited her many years of survival to clinical research. She established the fund to support researchers looking for a cure and new treatment options.

This grant specifically supports research focused on uncovering new therapeutics that can be individualized for patients. Ideally, findings from the grant-funded project will play out into the clinical setting within a few years.

About The Lisa Fund

The Lisa Fund at Fight Colorectal Cancer supports late-stage colorectal cancer research. This annual award is given to promising researchers who work to get behind a cure for colorectal cancer with us. Since 2008, Fight Colorectal Cancer has awarded six researchers with this award. Not only do researchers appreciate the funding that enables them to explore new treatment options, but donors support the Lisa Fund, too.

All donations – 100% of them – support The Lisa Fund’s late-stage colorectal cancer research.

Apply for the Lisa Fund Grant

The Lisa Fund grant is distributed through a joint venture by Fight Colorectal Cancer and the American Association of Clinical Research (AACR.)  The grant will award a one-year, $50,000 grant to support the salary and benefits of those working on the project. Applications are due Dec. 2, 2013. Grant decision date is March 2014; recipient will be awarded at April 2014 reception and grant term will begin July 1, 2014.

For more information or to apply for the grant, please visit AACR’s website.

Go here to learn more about or donate to Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Lisa Fund.

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