Fight Colorectal Cancer Logo Usage Guide

We love our logos, and oftentimes we receive requests from others who’d like to use then, too. We know – they’re pretty sharp!

You’re free to use our logos and place them on materials that we’ve co-produced or sponsored. But we ask for you to follow the guidelines below to maintain the integrity (and strength) of our logos.

That way people know it’s us when they spot them on materials. It will show others that whatever they’re seeing can be trusted … and that it’s awesome.

Available Logos for Use

Logo Stipulations
fight-colorectal-cancer-logo Fight Colorectal Cancer Logo
Please contact our communications department for logo sizes and file formats. Please carefully read through the logo usage guidelines before placing the logo on materials. if you’re producing materials for a Fight Colorectal Cancer event (including benefits) please work closely with our team so we can ensure the Fight CRC brand is maintained.
ccsymbol_example_01_small The Blue Star The blue star is the universal symbol for colon and rectal cancer. As members of the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT), we use the blue star as a symbol of hope. It unites all of us who are in the fight against colorectal cancer. Please feel free to use the blue star on anything and everything! Read NCCRT’s Blue Star Artwork Guidelines and download file formats. 
one-million-strong-logo-300x126 One Million Strong The logo to our public awareness campaign, One Million Strong, may be used as your raise awareness of CRC with us! Also make sure to check out our social media tools for graphics designed specifically for Facebook and other platforms.
FightCRC-ConC-2Color-e1315407141758-300x105 Call-on Congress The Call-on Congress logo is used on materials promoting our annual advocacy event in Washington, D.C. Also make sure to check out our social media tools for graphics designed specifically for Facebook and other platforms.

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