For the Love of Coffee… and Mom


Felicia is donating 25% of her company’s proceeds through September 14 to support colon cancer in honor of her mom.

Felicia Parker’s love for coffee started at a young age, too young to know that her love for coffee would one day help make a difference. Like the majority of our nation, Felicia was an avid Starbucks coffee drinker until one day while at work, she noticed from her office window how many times the door swung open and closed at the Starbucks across the street. She soon realized the opportunity in coffee – the #2 trading commodity on Wall Street and one of the most consumed beverages on the market. In 2012, she started her coffee company, an elite coffee company specializing in single-cup coffee and quality products. When her business established a giving program for nonprofits, she began looking for ways to support the cause nearest to her – colon cancer.

Honoring and Remembering Mom

In 2001, Felicia’s mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. She grew up in Mississippi and was an educator (beloved “Mrs. Parker”) for 39 years. She treated all of her students like family and would often take her own food to children in her class. After a five-year fight, Felicia’s mother passed away on May 31, 2006; over 700 people attended her funeral. She touched so many lives in her lifetime. The loss of her mom fueled Felicia to help others who’ve been touched by colorectal cancer. As Felicia put it, “I want to put health into the world of coffee.”

When her coffee company launched a giving program that donates 25-35 percent of the quarterly revenue to a nonprofit, she began looking for a colorectal cancer group. Fight Colorectal Cancer’s stories of advocates stood out most to her and she got the ball rolling.

From June 15-Sept. 15, 2014 – 25% of the company’s proceeds will be donated to Fight Colorectal Cancer.

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Felicia isn’t just donating to the cause when it comes to preventing colorectal cancer. Since her mom’s passing in 2006, she and her three siblings have all been screened. They use their traditional family vacations they once took with their mom to encourage their other family members to not only get screened for colorectal cancer, but to also listen to their bodies and live healthier lifestyles. Felicia’s message to everyone is:

“One, listen to your inner voice, even if you don’t want to know, you need to know. And two, when facing a new diagnosis of colorectal cancer, don’t feel defeated. Fight!


Make a Donation in Honor or Memory of your Loved One Learn How Your Business Can Donate to Fight CRC

Create A Personal Fundraising Page

Support the cause – shop Felicia’s store & have 25% of your sale go to Fight Colorectal Cancer

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