Social Media Tools

socialSocial media is a powerful way to spread a message quickly. Not only can sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn connect us, but they can share our passions. Inform others about important topics. And sometimes, save a life.

Fight Colorectal Cancer develops many tools for you to share your voice and your passion for colorectal cancer on social media. See below for a myriad of tools we’ve designed for you and come back often – we regularly post new stuff!

Just getting started? Learn the Lingo first!

Use on Facebook

Facebook users: download tools to make sure your friends (or fans) know about colorectal cancer! (Note: many of these tools can be used for your LinkedIn and Google+ accounts too.)




Use on Twitter

Twitter is a great space to discuss colorectal cancer and meet others in the fight! Below are some tools for those out there tweeting to raise awareness!



Use on Pinterest

Turn Pinterest into a storehouse of colorectal cancer graphics and images! Use the tools below to get colorectal cancer on your follower’s feeds!



Use on Instagram

Get those apps fired up and promote colorectal cancer with your Instagram account!


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