Sample Status Updates

Use some of the sample posts below to promote or cause and our programs on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to tag @FightCRC (on Twitter) and @FightColorectalCancer (on Facebook.)

General Status Updates

I am an advocate for #coloncancer with @FightCRC. Join me and fight with us today!

Colorectal cancer is preventable! Learn more and help me raise awareness with @FightCRC! #coloncancer

Colorectal cancer is the #2 cause of cancer death in the U.S. I raise awareness to get behind a cure with @FightCRC.

eAdvocacy Status Updates

Get behind a cure! Visit to learn about colorectal cancer advocacy. #CRCadvocacy #CRCawareness

I’m a voice for change with @FightCRC. Join the fight today at #CRCadvocacy #CRCawareness

Follow @FightCRC and be a voice for change! Become an advocate today at #CRCadvocacy #CRCawareness

Blue Star States:

Visit to turn your state blue in honor of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month! @FightCRC #CRCadvocacy #BlueStarState

Want to raise awareness of CRC? Make sure your state is a BLUE STAR STATE. #CRCadvocacy

I’m joining @fightcrc and @ccalliance to make EVERY state a BLUE STAR STATE in 2014!

Raise awareness of #coloncancer in YOUR state! Get a state proclamation in 2014! #CRCadvocacy


One Million Strong Updates

Join the movement! Become a part of One Million Strong at @FightCRC. Learn more at #1MilStrong

I am strong! Join the movement and raise awareness of #coloncancer with @FightCRC. Visit

I joined #1milstrong in the fight against colorectal cancer! Join me and @FightCRC.

I march against colorectal cancer because _________________. Come March with Us! @FightCRC #1MilStrong

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