iheartbootyGenerous, motivated and fun are three words we’d use to describe Jesse Sansevere and the guys at I Heart Booty. Last month, they organized a fundraiser at Bertuccis restaurant in Shelton, CT, to raise awareness for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and funds for Fight Colorectal Cancer. This is all in addition to the buzz they’re creating through the chunky blue “I Heart Booty” brands adorning most all Fight CRC advocates’ wrists these days.

“Knowing that colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths, that it’s curable, and that it has become more frequent in adults younger than 50 drove me to want to do something. Back in 2010, when I started I Heart Booty, I saw a need to develop an icebreaker to bring awareness and support to our younger generations involved,” stated Sansevere.

Bringing awareness to a taboo topic such as colorectal cancer is one way that we can get people comfortable talking about butts and poop. It’s regular and everyone does it, but very few people talk about it because it can be embarrassing. The challenge is getting people comfortable enough to ask their kids or spouse, “How’s your poop looking?”

i-heart-booty-blue-bandIt sounds silly, but if this question was a social norm rather than an awkward discussion, more people would be willing to share if they had a change in their bowel movements; which happens to be a common symptom of colorectal cancer.

Thanks to the creative minds of people like Sansevere and the guys at I Heart Booty, people aren’t only talking about colorectal cancer, butts and poop, but they are proudly wearing it, and no…I don’t mean wearing poop.

I Heart Booty sells a trendy line of shirts, underwear and bracelets that serve as a great initiator of conversation when it comes to colorectal cancer awareness. Jesse donates 10 percent of all purchases through his online I Heart Booty shop to Fight Colorectal Cancer for colorectal cancer advocacy and research.

“The guys at I Heart Booty have helped increase awareness and generate talk about colorectal cancer. It’s important to encourage people to freely discuss this topic as it could be lifesaving,” stated President Anjee Davis.

I Heart Booty isn’t stopping with bands, t-shirts and fundraisers; they are in the midst of taking their advocacy efforts to a new level.

“We danielle-i-heart-bootyare working to make a larger nationwide impact and to expose the company’s logo and products to as many big-name companies and events as possible. This way, more people, young and old, can recognize these efforts and work to prevent and cure this disease,” stated Sansevere.

Fight Colorectal Cancer thanks I Heart Booty for all of their support and the fun gear for awareness this year!


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