Meet the One Million Strong – Paula T. from Texas


Be a part of One Million Strong and tell us how colorectal cancer has impacted your life! Share your story now! 


Paula and Stan on Valentine’s Day in 2013. 


Paula Thomas, Survivor

From Fort Worth, TX


I was initially diagnosed in 2011 with stage II colon cancer through a routine age 60 colonoscopy. My age 50 colonoscopy was clean, and I have no history of colorectal cancer in my family that I know of.

Upon my diagnosis, I had a colectomy of the cecum area, and continued my life as an active employed adult professional. No chemo was taken as odds of recurrence were only 15 percent, I was told.

Guess what…the cancer did reoccur, it was ironically discovered through surgery in September 2012;  two months after a follow-up colonoscopy showed no recurrence. Surgery for what was suspected as a bowel obstruction showed that the recurrence was not only on the EXTERIOR part of the colon resection spot, but now also in 15 lymph nodes AND it had metastasized to the peritoneal cavity.

Today I live with stable tumors in the peritoneal cavity, kept that way through regular chemotherapy treatments, exercise, otherwise general good health, and the intense love and support of  God, my family and friends I never knew I had. Five weeks after the stage IV diagnosis, my younger daughter was married with 200 people in attendance in a “destination city.”

Today I am “retired,” on long-term disability and have dedicated my advocacy and project management skills to increasing colon cancer awareness in my community.


Live your life to the fullest that you can now, and never give up hope! Your life will be an inspiration to all that meet you.


One Million Strong is one of the organizations that gave me hope when I went searching online for others with stage IV disease who are still alive and thriving.

I strongly believe in the cause and will do what I can to advocate through this organization and the Colon Cancer Alliance

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