Fight Colorectal Cancer Launches New Website


Fight Colorectal Cancer is proud to announce the launch of a new website at http://www.FightColorectalCancer.org.  The website uses a variety of videos, downloads, blogs posts and content pages to provide patients with medically-reviewed information regarding colon and rectal cancer and tools for advocacy.

The website offers patient-friendly information to all who partner with organization including cancer survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, donors and policy makers. The site features:

·         Up-to-date facts, statistics and education about colorectal cancer

·         Information and resources for newly diagnosed cancer patients

·         Blogs highlighting the latest on colorectal cancer research and  policy

·         24-hour email access to an Answer Line service

·         Registration for monthly webinars that educate colon cancer patients and caregivers

·         Downloadable factsheets, training materials and videos

·         Community calendar

·         Fundraising and donation tools

·         Opportunities for patients to connect and get involved in colorectal cancer advocacy

The new Fight Colorectal Cancer website was sponsored by grants from Bristol Myers-Squibb, Genentech and Sanofi.

About Fight Colorectal Cancer

Fight Colorectal Cancer is a leading colorectal cancer nonprofit in Washington, D.C. Through patient education, advocacy and research funding the group spreads awareness and demands a cure for the second-leading killer in the United States. As the leading advocacy group, the organization serves as a resource for colorectal cancer patients, grassroots advocates, policy makers, medical professionals and health care providers. Learn more at http://www.FightColorectalCancer.org.


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