The 2015 Call-on Congress Scholarship Fund


In 2013, Fight Colorectal Cancer introduced something new; a Call-on Congress Scholarship Fund. Thanks to survivor and longtime advocate Liz Dennis, five new warriors joined us on the Hill that year. The passion that was shown by our newbies tugged on the hearts of everyone, and the necessity to continue this program was felt by all.

With the generosity of two couples, Chad and Sheila Schrack and Eric and Rose Hausmann, funds from their hometown fundraisers were added to the scholarship program. Because of these efforts, in 2014 Fight Colorectal Cancer was able to double our scholarship recipients, and 10 new warriors joined us on the Hill.

 “I was accompanied on the Hill by over 80 other colon cancer survivors and caregivers.  We were a group of collective joy.  We had walked through the valley of darkness, and now we were bathing in the light.  I did not have to explain myself to them—they just knew what I had gone through.  I no longer felt alone”. – Chris Heffelbower; 2014 Call-on-Congress Scholarship recipient.

2014 scholarship recipients

2014 scholarship recipients

This year, Fight Colorectal Cancer has set a goal of raising $5,000 to match the $5,000 that has already been donated to the 2015 Call-on-Congress Scholarship program – this means more advocates on the Hill!

Our Call-on Congress Scholarship Fund creates a way for advocates to attend Call-on Congress by covering either partial or full event registration, as well as travel and lodging fees for those who want to their voices heard on the Hill. We want to continue to be loud and make our congressional members understand that we demand change!

We are more powerful in numbers, your donation today can help increase our presence on the Hill, and give someone the opportunity of a lifetime.

Please – contribute to the scholarship program to keep NEW voices coming each year.


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