Giving From the Heart – Or the Ice Maker

President Anjee Davis took the Ice Bucket Challenge

President Anjee Davis took the Ice Bucket Challenge

by Michael Sola 

There is no doubt the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become a giving sensation that has brought a slew of celebrities, politicians and folks from all walks of life to the forefront of a webcam and under a cold bucket of ice water.

I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little jealous of all the attention ALS is getting. There are so many worthy causes out there. When I see the nightly news programs reciting stats I can’t help but wonder, “Who’s shouting out the stats of the colon and rectal cancer community?!”

Where’s the stat about how 1 in 3 Americans will be diagnosed this year? The fact that early detection via symptom knowledge and screening can prevent colon cancer? The fact that barely 60 percent of the population gets screened?

Nonetheless – in the end I’m still happy for our nonprofit colleagues who work at ALS organizations. We’re all after a cure for diseases that plague us, and any attention given to the importance of raising funds for research is something we get behind.

That’s why our president Anjee Davis took the challenge. Plus, one of our friends who first joined One Million Strong in 2013 and appeared in several of our PSAs (the athlete, who is strong), ex-NFL player Tim Shaw, was recently diagnosed with ALS.

Our team sends our support and strength to him.

Back to the Core of Giving

What I love to see each time I log onto Facebook is that many out there are taking the spirit of the Ice Bucket Challenge and realizing that giving to charity is important. Yes, many dunk and give to ALS (as they should.) But, SOME are now giving to causes they are connected with in addition to ALS. Take Kori Karas from Parkersburg, West Virginia who recently donated to Fight CRC and in her comments said:

We are making a family donation in memory of our aunt, Leslie. We accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge and also wanted to donate to this wonderful cause. She passed away over 2 years ago from this disease. We hope that one day there will be a cure for this disease, all forms of cancer and other diseases.

Kori’s sentiments echo a few others who’ve also visited our giving pages and made donations in honor and memory of those who’ve fought colon and rectal cancer. Those who’ve been touched by this devastating disease and were challenged to “pay it forward.” We’re thankful to those who’ve turned to us to fund our involvement in research and awareness. This continued giving keeps us focused, and our eye on our vision – victory over colorectal cancer.

Thank you to all who have kept Fight CRC in your sights and helped us to move forward. Your contributions go a LONG way in helping us get “behind a cure.” Your inspiration is why we’re rated a 4-star charity by Charity Navigator and a BBB-rated organization.

We’re proud of all who’ve taken the challenge and as a result, showed the importance of giving to charity once again. Even if it did come out of the ice maker.


Challenge Yourself to Donate to Fight CRC 

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