Pilates – “An Ode to Eli” Fundraiser


Ever had an “oops” moment in a pilates class?  You know – somewhere between stretching out the core and doing a powerful mind-body exercise your body lets one slip?

Well – Eli Pick would know what we’re talking about. And although he’s no longer with us, his daughter Hannah and the rest of his pilates class cannot look at passing gas in pilates class the same. In fact, they now call it an “Ode to Eli” and remember him fondly each time it happens.

But that’s not the only way they carry on his memory. In early October, the class, friends and family raised funds for Fight Colorectal Cancer to further colon cancer awareness and advocacy.

eli-pick-familyFather-Daughter Time

At first, Eli attended pilates class with his daughter Hannah to spend time together. They signed up for a class advertised around their neighborhood. Grabbing dinner after class became a fixture in their week.  In addition to the quality time with his daughter, Eli noticed improved core strength that he proudly showed off to his doctors.

Pilates became a fun hobby Eli and Hannah shared. Eventually, they started attending class three times each week. For three years out of Eli’s six-year fight with colon cancer. He became a regular at pilates class until July 2013 when he passed.

Eli was a man who brought laughter to those around him. And thanks to his family’s support and desire to support the colorectal cancer community, his legacy lives on.

Hosting a Fundraiser in His Memory

A few months after he passed, on the spur of a moment, Hannah had the idea to plan a pilates fundraiser as a way to share the hobby she and her dad enjoyed so much with other friends and family members. Friends who were connected to Eli’s family came out to take a class (or observe) to remember Eli, his stories, his jokes and his life.

The “Martini, Mimosa & Mat” memorial included a toast in Eli’s honor. By the end of the day, the group had raised several thousands of dollars in memory of a special man and father.


Thank you!

Fight Colorectal Cancer is honored and humbled when individuals who choose to fundraise for colorectal cancer donate their proceeds to our organization. Each donation matters and goes toward the fight – in fact 92% of every dollar supports programs that help to educate, support research and advocate for a cure!

We are committed to the charge to fight for those who’ve passed away and whose living legacies we’re privileged to carry on.

Thank you to Hannah, her family and everyone who donated to this great event! With every “Ode to Eli” we are reminded of a great man!


Go here to learn more about honoring or remembering your loved one with a fundraiser.

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