Q&A Session with Rep. Fitzpatrick

Fight CRC is privileged to work with a small committee of congressional leaders committed to fighting colorectal cancer. This committee, called our Congressional Advisory Committee, includes leaders like Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick who’s been personally impacted by the cause. He’s a stage III survivor. Today we thank Rep. Fitzpatrick not only for his leadership on the Hill, but for…  Read More

Funding Cancer Research – Keeping it Brief

When I think about efforts to increase federal funding for research programs, the Ringo Starr lyrics “it don’t come easy, you know it don’t come easy,” play over and over in my mind. While Ringo Starr wasn’t singing about federal funding, the phrase definitely holds true. TOPIC: FUNDING CANCER RESEARCH THROUGH THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE PEER…  Read More

Issue Brief: 21st Century Cures

Health care policy affects all of us: patients, caregivers and family members. Staying on top of current issues and legislation helps you advocate for the cause more effectively. Our Keeping it Brief advocacy blog series will inform, empower and encourage your socially-conscious efforts so you’re ready to take action.    TOPIC: 21st Century Cures Act (H.R. 6) We’re…  Read More

Precision Medicine Initiative Hill Briefing  

Fight CRC founder and Chair of the Board Nancy Roach served on panel representing the patient voice in the research community Alexandria, Va. – June 17, 2015 – Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) Founder and Chair of the Board Nancy Roach served as part of a distinguished panel on June 8 during a Hill briefing co-hosted…  Read More

Dealing With the Cost of Colorectal Cancer

We’re grateful for guest blogger Kelly Alvord from the Patient Advocate Foundation. In this blog she’s helped explain struggles patients may face with the cost of cancer care and suggestions on how to organize, lower costs and get help with the financial burdens that come with a cancer diagnosis. PAF is a national leader and established…  Read More

Piloting the Jr. Advocates Program

Piloting the Jr. Advocates Program By Maria Williams, GAC co-chair This year we piloted a Jr. Advocates Program. The program is designed for children ages 6 through 13 who participate in Fight CRC’s annual advocacy event, Call-on Congress. The idea started as a suggestion from a parent and developed into its own program focused on the…  Read More