August Recess Challenge – 31 Meetings in 31 Days

Advocacy doesn’t just happen on the Hill in March. It’s something you can do from home year-round—especially during the August recess! Your members of Congress are home for the entire month of August and meeting with them is easier than you may think!

Follow these steps to help us have 31 advocate meetings in 31 days and reach 100 co-sponsors of H.R. 1070 and 20 co-sponsors of S. 2348.

What You Need To Get Started…


Find out who your representative and senators are here: .


Contact your members of Congress to schedule a meeting. Members of Congress have local offices in their districts, so you won’t have to go far from home!

Your meeting will be with the member or with his/her staff. Congressional staff is very important and directly influences how the members vote on important issues!

Contact information for senators:

Contact information for representatives:


Prepare for your meeting using the tools in the advocacy resource center!

recess-challenge-colon-cancer-advocacyAt the Meeting…

Celebrate your advocacy efforts by taking a picture at your meeting with your member of Congress and/or staff members.  Wear a Fight CRC t-shirt if you have one and if you’re feeling feisty, strike a “strong arm” pose!

After the Meeting…

Once your meeting is over let us know how it went!

Email our advocacy manager Emily White. Letting us know how your meeting went is a BIG help. We can continue to push year round and follow up with their offices on the Hill.

What if I can’t meet with my members of Congress this month?

Can’t meet with your members of Congress during the August Recess? You can still be involved from home! Sign this virtual petition and send an Action Alert to encourage your Senators to support S.2348, which will remove barriers to colonoscopies for Medicare beneficiaries.


Download the Recess Challenge One-Pager

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