Capitol Hill Countdown – One Week | 2013 Call-on Congress

fight-colorectal-cancer-call-on-congressNext Monday morning, you will find me nursing a hot cup of airport coffee as I head to Washington DC for the 2013 Call-on Congress – Fight Colorectal Cancer’s 7th Call-on Congress event.

I will be recapping each day on the blog so that all advocates (near and far) can stay in the loop and take action during Call-on Congress 2013.

I’m sure I will also find ways to add my survivor voice into the mix, along with the voices of the other 80+ attendees.

Oh – and I might crack a poop joke or two. Consider yourself forewarned!

First time for everything

This will be my first time at the event. The buzz surrounding the 2012 Call-on Congress peaked my interest and made me want to get involved:

  • 2012-call-on-congress-groupover 60 advocates on Capitol Hill from over 22 states
  • more than 85 meetings in Congress
  • powerful speakers and training sessions by Dr. Jon Chung, a postdoctoral fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Dr. John Marshall, the clinical director of oncology at Georgetown University Hospital
  • recognition of  Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15) as Fight Colorectal Cancer’s 2012 Congressional Champion fortwo key pieces of colorectal cancer legislation, including the Fight Colorectal Cancer Stamp Act (H.R. 893) and theRemoving Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act of 2012 (H.R. 4120)
  • empowering and inspirational training sessions and seminars that encouraged attendees to continue fighting colorectal cancer after the event

… The photos from the celebration dinner looked pretty fantastic, too!


Creating awareness, remembering those lost…

We’ve got a full house this year (and are crossing our fingers we all fit into the training rooms!)

The motivation for each person’s participation doesn’t only give me goosebumps … it makes me realize the many ways colorectal cancer can impact someone’s life.

Some are coming as survivors like me. Others are caregivers. Widows. Advocates. Sons. Daughters. Best friends. Researchers.

Just look at some of the reasons the attendees signed up:

  • My father passed away from colon cancer this year. I want to make a difference and fight for late stage cancer research.
  • To learn the latest in CRC community and issues.
  • To raise awareness about how a colorectal cancer diagnosis affects the entire family.
  • I have supported my wife through every step of this journey.  This issue has become very important to both of us and I want to continue to support her and the cause.
  • Push my legislators to sponsor or co-sponsor targeted colorectal cancer bills & approve authorizations for targeted cancer research.
  • I want to help break down the stigma associated with this nearly preventable disease.
  • I am attending Call on Congress to continue to raise awareness about colorectal cancer, specifically in young adults and I hope to articulate to my members of Congress the importance of family history, symptoms at any age, and screening!
  • I want to tell my story that it is not only an old man’s disease as I was 38 at time of diagnosis. Need to educate people.
  • I feel it is important for me to tell the story. Education and awareness may help lead to funding.


And we’ve even got kids that will be sporting the Fight Colorectal Cancer t-shirts, ready to tell their representatives how colorectal cancer touched their lives.

Prepping for an amazing week…

danielle-fight-colorectal-cancerI have no doubt that my life will be radically changed as I brush elbows with others who fight colorectal cancer next week at Call-on Congress.

Others who are part of One Million Strong. Others who’ve committed their lives to the awareness, advocacy and cure of colorectal cancer.

I cannot wait to descend on Capitol Hill and tell you all about it. Be looking for more posts as I explain exactly what we will do,  how the process works and how YOU can get involved.

I’m pumped to use my survivorship and voice to make a difference …

if it does have me drinking coffee in an airport next Monday morning at 4am.



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