Gooood Morning and Happy Call-In Day!

rodrick-samuels-crc-advocateGoooooooood morning!

Today is a big day. Our advocates at the 2013 Call-on Congress head to Capitol Hill. Meetings with senators, house representatives and subcommittee members abound!

It’s going to be a great day!

Not so fast… we need YOUR help.

Yes – you… if you’re reading this post, we’re talking to YOU.

Please help us boost the power of our advocates on the Hill today. We’ve got big priorities and big asks – and there’s a particular issue we need your help with.

Most likely – colorectal cancer impacted your life, or the life of your loved one.

So get involved in the fight with us today.

fight-crc-group-advocatesHere’s the scoop:

  • Please call 1-866-615-3375

  • Enter your zip code – you will be directed to your representative

  • Tell them your name and where you are from

  • Tell them:  You want them to support and co-sponsor the HR 1070 act (eliminates co-pays for screening colonoscopies in Medicare patients)

Your call will help us boost the message that colonoscopy screening should be available to millions.

If you don’t call and help us put colorectal cancer on the map … nobody will.

So call today!

Not so fast…

dave-dubin-crc-advocateBefore you go, a few things to remember:

  • You will be calling your House of Representatives member.
  • You can help spread the word – encourage others in your household, workplace, dinner party – whatever – to call in and vote.
  • This will only take a few minutes of your time.

“The voices of people pulling together have got to be louder than the voice of those people pulling us apart.” – Martin B. Gold, MPA, JD

Call today – help us take the next step in our fight against colorectal cancer!

After you call – tweet at us and let us know you joined the fight!

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