Help us make a difference | 2013 Call-on Congress

The 2013 Call-on Congress will be big. Over 80 colorectal cancer advocates plan to attend. Presentations and exercises make for a full agenda. Our legislative priorities will be heard!

But, what if you cannot be in Washington DC with us next week?

Big news – we still NEED your help.

colorectal -cancer-congress-call-in-march-20-2013

United Behind a Cure – Call-in on March 20

Next Wednesday, Fight Colorectal Cancer will join with other colorectal cancer groups to sponsor the United Behind A Cure Congressional Call-in.

While our team of advocates meet with their representatives on Capitol Hill, we need YOU to call and make your voice heard. By calling in, you magnify our message and the power of our advocates on Capitol Hill.

Here’s the scoop:

Please call this number:


It will connect you with your member of Congress. Please tell them:

You support H.R. 1070, a bill in Congress that will cut out copays for screening colonoscopies when polyps are removed.

Your call could make colonoscopy screening available to millions.

Need a reminder?

Click here to add a reminder to your calendar and join our Facebook event.

Help us make sure every person in Congress is aware of colorectal cancer on Wednesday!

Want to know more?

Take a peek at our 2013 Advocacy Handbook…


Join One Million Strong

one-million-strong-fight-crcWe continue to recruit people to take the pledge and become part of One Million Strong. Those who pledge make a difference in the fight against this disease. Please help us:

  • Share the pledge with your friends and family, encourage them to join us!
  • Talk about the pledge on Facebook
  • Tweet about the pledge using hashtag #1milstrong and @FightCRC
  • Take a look at the One Million Strong Toolbox

Together – let’s make a difference.

There are over one million colorectal cancer survivors in the United States.

Let’s share our stories and get behind a cure for this disease.

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