How To Roll As You Come Down From the Hill

Hey everyone! Hopefully I am not the only one who took two-hour naps for three days after the Call-on Congress.

A busy agenda, invigorating meetings and conga line can wear a girl out!

Now that we’re rested up it’s time to get back to work – locally!strong-arm-celebration-dinner-fight-crc

Follow-up From the Hill

I wanted to give you a refresher from the Engaging Your Local Networks presentation by Devin James, Michael Sola and Anjee Davis. Carlea Bauman also gave great advice during her training sessions on how to follow-up and continue to make waves in Congress now that you’re home.

Use Social Media

michael-sola-devin-james-fight-crcRemember those Twitter accounts you started so you too could tweet pictures of the bathroom? Well break those bad boys out again!

Search for your representative on Twitter (Google search their last name + “on Twitter”) and follow them. Tweet at them and thank them for meeting with you. (Follow @FightCRC too!)

“Like” your representatives’ Facebook pages. Interact with them in every way possible.

Oh – and make sure to engage with the representatives on The Hill who pledge to fight for colorectal cancer. Reach out to them via Twitter and Facebook – they’d LOVE to hear from you:

Alert The Press

contact-press-about-call-on-congressDevin talked about getting press for your experience at the Call-on Congress. Here are a few of his tips:

  • Identify those in your local media who report on healthcare and politics.
  • Submit a press release to your local papers regarding the Call-on Congress. INCLUDE A PHOTO IF YOU HAVE ONE!
    [Download the Press Release Template]
  • Don’t stop at the newspaper – contact magazines, homeowners associations, company-wide newsletters, etc.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor in support of legislation or to talk about your experience on The Hill.
  • Write and submit an opinion column regarding colorectal cancer and our legislative priorities.
  • Pitch the story to your reporters (don’t just depend on the press release.)

Oh… and if you get some ink…

  • SHARE the link on your Facebook page, Twitter page – and send it to us!
  • If it’s printed, clip it out and email it over to your Congressman. (Trying to mail something can take ages – if you must mail it – send it to Fight Colorectal Cancer and we will help.)
  • Thank the reporter for the publicity via email, social media and sky-writing. (Just kidding … if you can’t afford it.)

Make New Friends

congressman-jim-mcgovern-fight-colorectal-cancerLast, remember the importance of relationships when it comes to Congress. Yes – I’m telling you to be friends with the guys in the political campaign ads that drive you nuts.

It’s worth it for colorectal cancer, right?

Here are some tips:

  • Email a follow-up “thank you” to your representative showing your appreciation for the meeting.
  • Tweet at your representative with your gratitude and post on their Facebook wall.
  • Attend their functions if they come into town.
  • Be active and engage with them via social media – they will take notice of you!
  • Follow-up with your rep from time-to-time via email and social media, offering to be an expert when it comes to colorectal cancer.
  • Thank your reps when they take actions in support of your legislative priorities.
  • Start planning now to return to the 2014 Call-on Congress so you can visit with him/her again.

Like I said … much to do even now that we are off The Hill.

Hope you’re rested up and ready to hit the ground running again!

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