TAKE ACTION: Ask Congress to Protect Funding to Fight Cancer

Fight Colorectal Cancer advocate Rose Hausmann

On July 10, more than 100 cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, researchers and physicians will unite on Capitol Hill as One Voice Against Cancer. “Prioritize and protect funding to fight cancer” will be the strong yet simple message they deliver to their lawmakers.

Fight Colorectal Cancer is an active member of One Voice Against Cancer and will be represented on Capitol Hill by an outstanding team of colorectal cancer advocates, but they need your support.

“I’m No Miracle” is an advertising campaign that will be launched by One Voice Against Cancer this week. Take a moment download or print the ad and email, fax or mail it to your lawmakers along with a personalized message about why funding for colorectal cancer research and prevention is important to you.

As House and Senate lawmakers consider spending for the 2013 fiscal year, they are under tremendous pressure to cut billions from the federal budget. It is our job to remind Congress that they have choices when it comes to spending priorities. Now is not the time for Congress to slow the rate of discovery and squander opportunities to transform cancer care for patients and survivors.

Please support the 100 cancer advocates (including 8 from Fight Colorectal Cancer) and email your Members of Congress in support of cancer research funding today.

Thank you for your time and support.

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