Lynch Syndrome

Lynch syndrome and inherited polyposis syndromes are caused by genetic mutations that run in families and can increase your lifetime chance of getting colorectal cancer to 80% or higher.

Lynch Syndrome Risk Factors

Were you or a family member…

  • Diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer before 50?
  • Diagnosed with uterine/endometrial cancer before 50?
  • Have had 10 or more colon polyps over a lifetime?
  • Two or more same-side family members diagnosed with colon, rectal or other Lynch-related cancers at any age (brain, breast, biliary tract, kidney, melanoma, ovarian, pancreas, small bowel, stomach, or uterine/endometrial)

Dig up your family’s cancer history.

If you or your biological relatives meet any of the above criteria, you may be at high risk for colorectal cancer and could benefit from a cancer genetics evaluation. Talk to your doctor or call our toll-free Resource Line for resources.

Lynch Syndrome Resources

Use family gatherings to discuss your family’s medical history


Reviewed by Heather Hampel, 9/30, The Ohio State University