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We told the story about Pam securing her first state proclamation in West Virginia in her first blog. Now read more as she talks about how to promote the fact your state has become a Blue Star State! 

By Advocate Pam Seijo, West Virginia

With each additional year of survivorship, the excitement of the ask and securing a state proclamation for recognition of March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month has doubled in importance to me.

I’ve learned to not hold back. I continue to fight so that one day, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month will become a national observance. I want to let my entire state know we recognize this month and its importance. As my governor signs the proclamation each year, here are a few ways I promote it:

Suggest the governor put it on his/her homepage so everyone can see it

Call the local newspapers and ask them to run a story

Offer to pick up the proclamation in-person at the governor’s office and get a picture with him/her presenting it

Share that picture with the TV stations, newspapers and online

Going Beyond…

After nine years of securing a state proclamation, this past year I decided to do something else with it. When I called and found out the governor would issue one, I asked if I could have an extra copy to pass it along to others. I gave Marcia Mullins, another Fight Colorectal Cancer advocate from West Virginia, the copy and she helped pass out copies around the state of West Virginia, too.

I took one to my cancer center and they posted it in the lobby. I then found addresses of other cancer centers in the state and mailed each of them a copy, too. Whether they displayed it or not, they received it and were informed that our state proclaimed it.

I will do this again in 2014. I plan to send out copies to my local hospitals as well and events like health fairs, support groups and to other survivors. I plan to arrive at the governor’s office in-person and snap a photo. I am hoping the media will attend. I’ll send a thank you note to my governor afterwards as well.

Know your State…

West Virginia will not issue a proclamation until we are in the calendar year for which it applies. So in January 2014, I will make my call. If your state isn’t listed as a state in process, please help us and get started!

Make the call today and let’s turn our country BLUE together!


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